Welcome to the Journey

Though this is my first blog entry it is by no means the beginning of the story. I have notes in Evernote dating back to late 2013 though I know it goes back a while before that. Having a business is something I have thought about for a very long time, though only over these past 4 to 5 years has it all started coming together. It has taken a lot for me to get to even this point.

My name is Ron Rabakukk and I live in Austin, Texas. I’m a senior software/devops engineer working remotely with a team in Oklahoma City, OK. My family, including our dog, moved here nearly two years ago from Oklahoma City.

My 81-year-old father and his dog moved in a few months after that. My Mom passed away back in 2009 and my Dad had been living alone ever since. Having him live with us just made so much economic sense. His activity has increased and his diet has vastly improved too. Its fortunate we all get along so well!

Our youngest daughter is in marching band at her high school and I am very involved with it as a volunteer. The band runs the concession stands at all of the home Varsity, JV and Freshman games as a way to raise money and this coming Fall I’ll be running the show!

Writing all that makes me wonder how I am going to find the time to do all I need to do to start this new business. I’m going to get a little help from family and friends, but the vast majority of it will be all on me. I know I will find the time because of one thing, I want this. I have what I think is a good idea (and so do the people who know about it), I think it will succeed and it lends itself to a slow-paced, bootstrapped startup. This is going to happen, one way or another.

The picture below is of me when I was about a year and a half. I like to think of this business as being in a similar state: very young, full of promise, currently sleeping but soon to be awakened.


Over the coming weeks I’ll mix in posts on how I got here and what I have planned. I certainly don’t have all of the answers and will no doubt make many mistakes along the way, but through this blog I hope find others who have similar interests who can occasionally offer encouragement or guidance and I can document what you have to go through to bootstrap a startup. Welcome to the journey!

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