Creating a Company Logo

A couple of months ago, just after I had finalized the company name, I thought about creating a logo. I would need one eventually for things such as social media, business cards, and of course the website. I could try to create one myself or find someone I know who makes them.

It was around that time that I had started listening to a number of podcasts. I had recently gotten the iPhone 7, having switched from the Galaxy Note 4, and found the wonder of podcasts again. I had used to listen to them occasionally a number of years ago but had since stopped.

I searched for any podcasts that had to do with startups, entrepreneurship or small businesses. I found a number of them and started listening to see which ones I would like. They included: Mixergy, The Small Business Show, Foundr Magazine Podcast, This Week in Startups, Lean Startup and the No Sleep Startup (if you have more suggestions or comments on any of these I’d love to hear).

I’m not going to get into any of the specifics of these podcasts at this point (maybe later) but what is pertinent to this post is that while listening to an interview on Mixergy I heard about one of their sponsors, Design Crowd (you can save $100 with this link thanks to Mixergy).


The way the sponsors are introduced is not by commercials, but by the host of the show talking about his experience working with that product or company, otherwise known as a testimonial. Its a much more effective way to promote a product or service and seems to be rather common in the world of podcasts. In this case the description of DesignCrowd seemed good and was what I was looking for, so I took a deeper look.

The way it works is after you create an account you create a project or “brief” and specify what it is you want. You need to describe the business or whatever it is you need a logo for so that the designers have something to go on. You can give them your ideas, any sketches you have made, or anything else that might help them design the perfect logo for you. Then the contest to see who can make the best design for you begins.

Within a day I started to get a few, but not all that many. One thing that turned out to be important was that I hadn’t committed to paying anything, and the designers knew it. While the contest was going on I eventually made a commitment to pick a winner and pay them. Suddenly I was getting entries from all over the world: South Africa, Philippines, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Peru, Serbia, Brazil, Pakistan, Australia, Indonesia, Belgium, Paraguay, Vietnam, Malaysia, Austria, UK, US, Netherlands, Kenya, Cameroon, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Germany, Sweden, Argentina and India.

The vast majority of them were good, some very good. I could tell that a number of them were designs that they had come up with previously and just changed it to my company name. They were good, but not what I had asked for. Some got very creative and were definitely trying for what I asked for, but had gone off on tangents that I didn’t care for.

I received 183 designs over the course of the contest. Many of those were the exact same design from the same designer, just displayed on different surfaces, or using different color schemes. Frequently the designers would send me a message within the app asking for comments or input. It was a way for them to get noticed.

I eventually went with ironically the very first design I received, before I had committed to paying. It was from prodesigns99 in India. I really loved their concept and it was completely unique among the 183 entries. Before the contest was over I asked them to make a number of small refinements to get it just right and it worked out really well.

So here is the final logo I selected from the contest. I think this is also the first time I have revealed the name of the business on this blog as well, Parandama, LLC.


The word “parandama” is an Estonian word that means “improve” (and also “repair”, but I like improve better). My father is from Estonia so I liked taking a word from his birth language. I found out later Parandama is also a Hindu boy’s name that means Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu means, from one source I found, “all pervasive.” I think that can apply to the site as well, so I found meaning with the name from two sources.

This is where the tag line “Improve Yourself” comes from, and actually it is a shortened version of the full tagline I intend to use, “Improve yourself and someone you care about.”

The idea behind the logo is somewhat obvious. Your path is up the stairs to a door that leads to better things. The colors of the stairs and the door make up the colors of the visible spectrum, and the white inside the door is what happens when all of the colors blend together. The site will provide many different means of improving yourself as well as helping you help others. More on that to come.

I would definitely recommend DesignCrowd. I had a great experience and got a great logo out of it.


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