Avoiding Distractions

Distractions are a constant problem. Especially when you are bootstrapping a startup by yourself, working a full time job, living in a house of 5 people (myself, my wife, my daughter, my Dad, and a good friend) as well as 4 dogs.

Say No To Distractions placard isolated on white background

I recently returned from LA to see family on my aunt’s 80th birthday (woo hoo!!), my daughter just finished her freshman year of high school, and my duties as a volunteer in the band booster organization for my daughter’s high school band have come to a close (for now). Paperwork for my finances has been piling up for a while (not that I haven’t been paying anything, just not filing/scanning), I am planning to start going to a gym on a regular basis to lose 30 pounds, and I still have all of the usual little daily activities that goes with being part of a family and having a house and a job.

Setting Myself Free by Scheduling

So how do I get past all of this and build a new business from scratch? I have no special knowledge of the best way to do this. I have read and listened to many different people talk about how best to do it. Some sound good, other sound idiotic and there is no way I’d ever do what they suggest.

But one thing that I know will help (not just because my wife says it will, but that does play a part 😉 ) is creating a very specific schedule and then sticking to it. Once you look at the hours you have in any given day you begin to realize how finite your time is.

So I am going to follow these steps and create my schedule:

  1. Fill out my calendar with activities/appointments I absolutely have to attend (like working my regular job, need to keep the money coming in!)
  2. List the things that I have to do on a regular basis (finances, house work, meals, walk the dogs, etc) and allot time for that in the schedule.
  3. List the things that I want to work on and achieve and place them in an order of precedence, giving them specific definitions and completed by dates.
  4. Add these things to my schedule where available trying not to overload myself and get too aggressive (I do need to sleep occasionally!).
  5. Make sure there is some free time occasionally to have a life here and there. I’d like to see my family some 🙂

Avoiding the Little Distractions – Staying Focused

There are of course tons of little distractions, and for me that is social media and news. I can very easily get caught up scrolling through my various social media accounts or reading articles in the different newspapers I subscribe to or follow. Some of this is pertinent to what I am trying to do and that is fine, but some of it is sheer escapism and just goofing off. While I do need that a little I certainly don’t need it as much as I do it!

This comes down to a matter of will. I think having a schedule will help as it will give me time constraints to get things accomplished, but otherwise I just have to make my mind up to stay focused. I have been mostly doing well at this but need to step up my game even more. Getting this done is all up to me and it won’t get done if I don’t do it.

I want this, I want this business to succeed. I just have to continue to keep that at the forefront of my thoughts, keep pushing, get organized and focused, and do it.

I’ll keep you updated on how things go!